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On this site we will keep you up to date on this new and exciting field.  We will find various jobs that you can get related to law and economics as well as any breaking news towards Laws and how they can effect the economy.  We also will cover any breaking news related to getting a law and economics degree.  These degrees can be quite popular and there is a lot changing in this field.  Just make sure to keep stopping by this site to keep up on the latest ones.

The phrase Law and Economics may seem strange to you but it is term commonly used by lawyers and legal scholars to describe the microeconomic analysis you would typically do to analyze how a law has an economic effect on everyday people.

Since there is an overlap between economic and political systems we end up covering some of the issues also found in political science.  Believe it or not Law and Economics has been fairly influential in the United States   For example judges rely on the theories of Law and Economics to help them form their opinions.

Law and economics has also had some influence in our legal education system. Many Universities and law schools in the United States now have faculty members with degrees in the field of economics. Also many professional economists now write and study the relationship between economics and legal doctrines.

So stop by often and see what is new in this exciting field.