Best Internet Monitoring Software For Parents

Internet Monitoring SoftwareAre you a parent wanting to see what your kids are doing online?  You might be really surprised to find out that it is not very hard to do.  There are companies out there that make software for doing just this thing.  These kinds of programs are called Internet monitoring software programs.  Software like this is can be tricky to install but others make it quite easy.

One such software is called PC Tattletale.  PC Tattletale is extremely easy to install and set up.  Once you set it up it can send keystrokes (those are the keys pressed on the keyboard) right to your email box.  Imagine being able to get all the password to what your kids have been doing online.  Pretty cool hey?

But it gets even better than that.  PC Tattletale Internet monitoring software for parents also lets you see in DVR style quality exactly what your kids have done.

Are they playing video game?  Are they watching inappropriate YouTube Videos?  I think you get the point.

With this kind of recording ability you can be sure that your kids are doign what you *think* they should be doing on the computer.

check out this video to see how well PC Tattletale works (tip if you can’t watch the video below you can watch this on YouTube it is called Internet Monitoring software called PC Tattletale :

As you can see it simple to use and can be a great way to use software that is designed to be internet monitoring software for parents.  Other companies claim to do the same thing but their solutions can be tricky to install and get working.  Don’t trust them.  Check out PC Tattletale and you won’t be sorry.

Remember.  It is not hard to see what you kids are doing online.  Just remember to get some good internet monitoring software (commonly called PC Surveillence software) and you will be all set.  Keep in mind Cyberbullying is a big problem too and you will want to watch out for that.